Content Review, Verification & Updating

Healthcare Content Reviewing Services

New content, existing content, outdated content – VeriMed excels at making sure it passes muster for being 100% accurate and up-to-date. Too many companies don’t review critical content often enough, which reflects poorly on them, their products, and their services. We don’t let that happen.

Peace of mind.

By outsourcing your work to VeriMed, you’re covered – plain and simple. Our reputation rests on every article, every consent form, every poster, brochure or email, so we dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We review for medical accuracy and relevance for ANY consumer healthcare content, plus verify and fact-check for air-tight integrity.

“Medical Writer” versus “MD Reviewer”.

Content generated by a medical writer simply doesn’t carry the same weight as content distinguished by an MD Reviewer byline. VeriMed can provide a byline, complete with reviewer’s name, specialty, and academic or medical affiliation. Translation: instant credibility for your healthcare content.