Truth in Medicine

In Latin, “veritas” is the word for truth. Is it any wonder that physicians in the VeriMed Healthcare Network generate informed, unbiased, cutting-edge truth on existing and emerging healthcare products and issues? For healthcare content providers, life sciences companies and financial services firms, medical consulting doesn’t get more candid, more relevant, or more truthful.

Content Creation

From writing your healthcare articles, to identifying missing topics from your suite, to advising on outdated topics, VeriMed physicians are experts at researching, writing, blogging, creating health assessments, even responding to consumer questions. It’s what we do.

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Content Review, Verification & Updating

If content is not 100% accurate and relevant, it’s 100% useless. VeriMed physicians will thoroughly review your articles, consent forms – any content – then verify all facts and stats, check references when stipulated, even add emerging treatments to your content to strengthen your position.

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Never underestimate the power of the “MD Reviewer” byline.

When your healthcare content has the coveted MD seal of approval, your credibility goes up substantially.
That’s just part of what VeriMed brings to the table.